Andrew Laux




It all started when…

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Washington College while playing varsity tennis and shadowing the Director of the Johnson Fitness Center. After graduation I became Washington College’s Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Director of the Johnson Fitness Center while completing my Master’s Degree in Psychology.

I balanced my day job and school work with creative work. Working at bike shops and exploring creative projects like animation, T-shirt and logo design. From a young age I had an inherit love for form and function. It now makes sense that the human body became my perfect medium.

Eventually, I grew eager to try something new.

One part curiosity, another part luck, I met and worked alongside former NY Yankees Strength and Conditioning Coach. Together we grew a boutique performance gym to four locations across Long Island and the Greater NY area.

Years later, I started my own business, ABLE coaching. ABLE was a natural progression as my obsession with movement grew. I am obsessed with human anatomy and movement. Another thing that keeps me going as a coach is the journey to answer the question- “What is the best training system for the active modern adult?” My curiosity has also driven me to projects like ableboxes, massage and stretching in a box, and, a health and fitness website that helped consumers select better content and fitness start-up consulting.

My creative approach—no matter the client or project—is to find points of tension behind problems. I love the challenge of figuring out why something isn’t working, then using the creative process to find the best solution.

I believe that every opportunity should be met with progression, creativity and authenticity.

ABLE is a creative melting pot of my training methods, experience in the health and fitness space and my love affair with moving people and companies forward.